rhododendron and drimys winteri at ardnagashel

eliane zimmermannEvery spring there is a huge wall of Rhododendron arboreum and Drimys winteri at the lawn which once was the tennis court of the Hutchins family.

eliane zimmermannIn South America where casca d’anta and pau-pra-tudo (Ant’s bark and Wood for everything) comes from its aromatic and spicy bark is cooked as an infusion against numerous complaints like problems with the digestion, nausea, pain, fever, spasms and inflammation. “Winter’s Bark” was named after Captain Winter, who discovered the anti-scurvy properties of the tree bark while on Sir Francis Drake’s expedition from England.

Ardnagashel_new_holiday_homes2006Meanwhile the new holiday homes on the old horse field are nearly ready.


That’s how the horse field used to look like for quite a few years. Richard Hutchins proposed to build the new holiday homes on this part of the property, so not to destroy the arboretum. According to the application more than a dozen houses were to be built among the historical trees.

Ardnagashel_2006new_holidayhomesSection 23 made it very tempting for tax savers to destroy precious woods all over Ireland.


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