tree ferns for ardnagashel [east]

Eliane Zimmermann ArdnagashelWhen Richard Hutchins first met us quite some time ago he was always very interested in our Land Rover – not only because a member of the family works there. He didn’t hesitate to ask us when some tree stumps or other heavy stuff in the woods was to be moved and his willing helpers from the family weren’t around. Apparently a plan ripend in his head and one day he asked us whether we join him to Derreen Garden in Kerry to buy “some” tree ferns. So early on the 3rd of December he himself prepared a lovely picknick and during the tour over Healy Pass we got some great lectures about famine relief work and early Irish Youth Hostels.

Eliane Zimmermann Ardnagashel

The head gardener of Derreen Garden Jacky Ward was of course informed and had prepared a bunch of lovely specimens for the transport from one historical garden to the other. At the moment of payment Richard smirked and thanked Prime Minister Gordon Brown for his heat allowance – a man who is living in a huge wood has more than enough fuel! Richard had slightly over-estimated the size of a Land Rover but somehow the greenery was stuffed into the van, and the humans were squeezed somewhere in between. The ferns got excellent places chosen in Ardnagashel East where they could continue their growth just a few days later and will hopefully please some generations to come.



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