amateur botanists visit ardnagashel

eliane zimmermannAnother group of amateur botanists came to see Ardnagashel yesterday. They admired the myrtle wood and the wonderful coastal walk in East Ardnagashel and finished their expedition after a visit in the Killeen in Ardnagashel Estate (West) with a cuppa in Ardnagashel House.

eliane zimmermannRichard Hutchins talked about the fascinating history of Ardnagashel:

eliane zimmermannThe Ellen Hutchins Arboretum on the coast of Bantry Bay in West Cork was planted from 1800 onwards by Arthur Hutchins. His sister Ellen Hutchins (1785-1815) is widely recognized as Ireland´s first woman botanist. The arboretum, coastal paths, woodlands, myrtle grove and champion trees comprise the „lost desmesne“ of Ardnagashel. Originally part of a 300 acre estate, it is now in separate ownerships with the arboretum and site of original house and gardens owned by „Rent an Irish Cottage“ and the myrtle grove and coastal paths still in Hutchins´s ownership.