Visit of the Bantry Historical Society

Eliane ZimmermannThe 14th saw a group of very interested visitors of the Bantry Historical Society.

Eliane ZimmermannThe Killeen, i.e. the family grave yard gave interesting insights into the fates of early members of the Hutchins family.

Eliane ZimmermannChildren and also animals were welcome!

Richard Hutchins himself, the great-great-grand-nephew of Ireland’s first woman botanist Ellen Hutchins (1785-1815)┬átalked about his ancestors. He was born in the Big House nearby. When Ireland was still British.

Eliane ZimmermannThe Killeen of Ardnagashel is a most magical place.

Eliane ZimmermannAfter the outing tea, coffee and cake was served. And everybody was allowed to have a look at the amazing and invaluable original botanical encyclopedia which was used by Ellen Hutchins.

Eliane Zimmermann guesthouse in ArdnagashelWow, she used this book for her studies! And she collected and drew lovely pieces of art from seaweeds and liverworts just at the seashore nearby.

Eliane Zimmermann guesthouse ArdnagashelRichard Hutchins had collected lots of seed of his beloved foxglove which was in full bloom along the avenue to Ardnagashel East.