a new dove tree for Ardnagashel

Eliane Zimmermann ArdnagashelI wonder when the fabulous handkerchief came to Ardnagashel. It should be around thirty to forty years old so it probably was planted by the Kaulbacks. Richard Hutchins, the former owner (who sold it to the Kaulbacks after WW2) was 95 four weeks ago and we decided to give him a handkerchief or dove tree to plant it in Ardnagashel East which still is owned by his family.

visit of the international dendrology society

eliane zimmermannA visit of highly knowledgeable and interested people from the International Dendrology Society took place yesterday.

eliane zimmermannRichard Hutchins, the great-grandnephew of Irland’s first woman botanist, whose brothers founded the arboretum, explained facts while he remembered his childhood at Ardnagashel, his daughter Madeline (standing in the middle of the three persons) assisted him with stories of many a happy holidays she spent at the place of her ancestors.

eliane zimmermannLuma apiculata (once called Myrtus luma) was introduced by the Hutchins family to Ireland (and grows like weed in the Glengarriff area).

eliane zimmermannSome people were estimating the age of the tallest trees, a few are around 200 years old and withstood many storms.

eliane zimmermannA well deserved tea was served after the walks through the jungle.

eliane zimmermannIt is time of the bluebells…

eliane zimmermann…and of the most magnificent rhododendrons.

eliane zimmermannTime to say goodbye! Thank you for your visit!