saving one of the cork trees in ardnagashel

Eliane Zimmermann ArdnagashelSomebody couldn’t bear the old cork tree being overgrown by ivy and also cleared the beautiful rock below it from the weeds which were spreading. In former decades this rock on an elevated area of the wood was probably an ideal place to relax and to enjoy magnificent views over the bay. Now you can only imagine the sea through the thick growths of myrtles and grisellinias.


salvation for the champion podocarp?

Eliane ZimmermannA group of a dozen volunteers tried – in a desperate attempt – to save the precious Irish champion tree Podocarpus salignus (willow podocarp, no. 27 on this map)… It is so inclined that it might fall on one of the first winter storms to come.

Eliane ZimmermannWeeding around the suffering trees so the surrounding microclimate becomes less damp…