blooming highlights of ardnagashel

eliane zimmermannThe best time to stroll through the jungle of Ardnagashel is during April and May. Rhododendrons of six and more meters are in full bloom.

eliane zimmermannThis lovely Rhododendron sinogrande in East Ardnagashel was planted by Richard Hutchins’ sister shortly before the died – much more than a decade ago. He was really excited when the tall shrub decided to bloom three years ago. It probably felt like a ‘hello’ from another realm.

eliane zimmermannThis camellia looks like a perfect rose. Most people sniff at those marvelous flowers only to find them completely fragrance-free.


the secret garden of ardnagashel

eliane zimmermannMost of the Ellen Hutchins Arboretum is overgrown and inaccessible. In some places you can still recognize the ideas of the former owners. Those steps lead into an area with huge rhododendrons – from an area with quite tall tree ferns (Dicksonia antartica).

eliane zimmermannBelow an old beech there are masses of bluebells in every spring.