subtropical plants in ardnagashel

eliane zimmermannThe struggling wattles (Acacia dealbata) died due to the strong frosts, the champion silver fir is almost dead (just a few needles at the tips of the branches).

eliane zimmermann

A small shrub of Rice’s Wattle (Acacia riceana) didn’t make it either. It had been struggling for a couple of years.

eliane zimmermann ardnagashel guest houseThe lovely mountain pepper (Tasmannia lanceolata, former Drimys lanceolata) has a few fruits although it was more than half knocked by the fallen willow podocarp. The camellias had pretty blooms – though later and less than the years before and the huge rhododendrons apparently didn’t suffer from the frosts.

eliane zimmermannThe tall but completely hidden Lomatia ferruginea (Proteaceae, native from Chile and Argentina) looks happy ever after. In only thrives in very mild and damp areas.


the killeen in ardnagashel

eliane zimmermannAs mentioned earlier the Killeen in Ardnagashel (family graveyard of the Hutchins family) is an extraordinary place of peace and tranquility.

eliane zimmermannAround his 90th birthday Richard Hutchins had it restored as it was completely overgrown.

eliane zimmermannThe remarkable Colorado Fir (Abies concolor) with its candelabra-like ellbows was tended by tree surgeon Anthony Cornforth. After six years it has recovered and became one of the main attractions of Ardnagashel Estate.