joy of magnolias

Ardnagashel HouseThe lovely old magnolia tree Magnolia campbellii var. mollicomata is in full bloom.

Ardnagashel House

If you look closely you can discover the whitish-pink clouds in the middle of the jungle.


new life in ardnagashel house

Ardnagashel Estate

We are moving in finally. The yard in front of the house is still being under repair.

Ardnagashel House

Huge stones are being moved into cavities caused by waves and storms.

Ardnagashel House

But by next week everything should be done.

Ardnagashel House

The hardly visible shrub along the entrance way Osmanthus delavayii is in full bloom. The highly fragrant flowers are made into a precious absolute which is an important part of good floral perfumes. The first flowers in the huge Rhododendron arboreum shrubs are open now and lots of camellias are in bloom.