rhodos and azaleas

Ardnagashel House Eliane ZimmermannThe only fragrant rhododendron in Ardnagashel Estate is in bloom.

Ardnagashel Eliane ZimmermannMany old azaleas started to display their beauty and their lovely perfume – unfortunately they are extremely overgrown by briars and moss.

Ardnagashel Eliane ZimmermannThe master bedroom looks quite homely now.

Ardnagashel Eliane ZimmermannUpstairs is a double bedroom which is illuminated by the afternoon sun.

Ardnagashel Eliane ZimmermannThe single rooms are small but cozy. At the moment all rooms are occupied by people from a walking group.


spring is in the air

Ardnagashel Eliane ZimmermannThough being extremely cold after a long spell of quite warm weather the cherry trees are in full flower.

Ardnagashel Eliane ZimmermannThe Ardnagashel House is looking better every day and is now host to a walking group from Germany and Austria.

Two men from the mussel industry came to clean the beach from plastic rubbish.