after a heavy rain

guest house in ireland for 12 persons…there comes the sun.

Ferienhaus am Meer für 12 Personen in IrlandWe got a pair of huge yucca palm trees which desperately need some fertilizer. They can recover in the sun and enjoy quite a good warmth. And we did some Christmas decoration.

Ferienhaus für 12 Personen in Irland am MeerThe tiny – usually hardly visible – waterfall at the west facing side of the house became an impressive feature.

Ferienhaus in Irland am MeerLike on the very old photographs of Ardnagshel House is has been streaming into the cove below the small bridge.

Ardnagashel House old drawingBut the bridge was more elaborate than nowadays. Richard Hutchins let me reproduce this very old drawing (probably around 1855) by one of his ancestors. I remember him telling me that his grandfather’s sister Louisa Ellen (Eleanor, 1829-1922), the second daughter of Samuel Hutchins and Frances Camac, was a very talented artist. She married William Shore Nightingale in 1959, a cousin of Florence Nightingale, the world famous nurse.