Richard Newburgh Hutchins

Richard Newburgh HutchinsIsabel Alice Edith Hutchins (nee Peacock) almost became the victim of an ambush at Ardnagashel. The shock caused a premature baby to be born at the Big House down by the sea on the 28th of April 1915. Richard Newburgh Hutchins was the long-awaited heir of the Hutchins family as Isabel was already 29 years of age and had “only” two daughters. Although she became a war widow and she had to leave her home with her three children in 1921 Richard became and stayed quite attached to the place of his birth. After a long life in England he even moved back to Ardnagashel to look after his beloved trees. Several strokes hardly could affect his enthusiasm and his passion for nature.

Yesterday he passed away peacefully in his sleep – he was almost 98 years old. He had spent a little more than an year at his daughter’s home as an independent life was getting difficult if impossible. The funeral will take place in England and a memorial will be held in Bantry. May he rest in peace!

Eliane Zimmermann Ardnagashel

Isabel Alice Edith Hutchins (nee Peacock 1886-1957)


3 thoughts on “Richard Newburgh Hutchins

  1. Danke für diesen Nachruf! Ich hatte Richard Hutchins noch gesehen, das erste Mal, als ich vor drei Jahren mit dir einen Spaziergang in Arndagashel machen durfte. Hat mich sehr beeindruckt, wie er da so allein unter seinen Bäumen lebte! Schade eigentlich, dass er nicht dort am Familienfriedhof begraben wird…

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