new season

Ardnagashel Eliane Zimmermann

How fast time went by! Our new season started a few days ago, a bunch of guests are staying in the house now. The living and dining room looks brighter now that we have made some minor renovations.

Eliane Zimmermann Ardnagashel

The bedrooms got some touch-up here or there, I sewed a few new bed spreads, pillows and decorative bits and pieces.


view from the abbey to ardnagashel

Ardnagashel Eliane ZimmermannRecently we went to see the grave of Audrey Kaulback and enjoyed the lovely views from her resting place (of 19 years) on The Abbey Cemetery in Bantry towards her beloved home in Ardnagashel.

Ardnagashel Eliane Zimmermann

She would be so proud of her more than wonderful Magnolia campbellii var. Mollicomata which opened it’s blooms a few days ago. It is the most beautiful early flowering tree on the estate and is so tall that you can hardly take photographs of the gorgeous butterfly-like pink flowers – just with a very good zoom lens. She probably planted it in her early days in Ardnagashel – when her life was still full of joy. (Magnolia © by Antje Wendel 11/03/2013)