stormy weather

Ardnagashel House Ferienhaus in Irland für 12 PersonenThe stormy weather during the last days brought back lots of seaweed on to the gravel in front of Ardnagashel House. Our guests took many nice pictures and had lot of fun guessing when the next high wave would arrive and splash on them. (photograph: Antje Wendel)


finally spring and obituary for Richard Hutchins

Eliane Zimmermann ArdnagashelAfter a long – too long – period of almost Siberian temperatures it seems spring finally arrived in the Southwest of Ireland. Many blooming camellias are really suffering, the blooms look like old lettuce. But the new flowers open in perfect shape and colours. Most of the huge Rhododendron arboreum plants display their bright pink flowers now. A dead myrtle tree fell onto the lovely Gingerbread Tree (Katsura Tree, Cercidiphyllum japonicum) seriously endangering people strolling on the main path to the graveyard and to the new cottages – which are well booked and quite busy with lots of children this week.

There is a nice obituary for Richard Hutchins written by his daughter Madeline in the Guardian, read it here.