Eliane Zimmermann

The fragrant jasmine at the back of the house is currently flowering for the third time this year.

Our season is soon coming to an end, just yesterday more than a dozen of happy guests left Ardnagashel House. At present some new people are enjoying the place we loved so much. One lady said: I already feel very much at home! But everything comes to an end and so our days at the once so beautiful place are numbered.

Eliane Zimmermann

Like 2013 we had so much sunshine and even heat that we could again enjoy many a delicious fig from the back yard.

I had recently met with one of the two “girls” who had spent their childhood in Ardnagashel in the fifties and sixties and I felt so incredibly sorry about her sadness to see the place of happy memories decaying more and more. I wonder what will happen in the near future. Will somebody buy the place? Will some future owners love the place as much as we did during the past few years? Like “the girl” who used to meet below “Molly”, the lovely huge Magnolia campbellii Mollicomata? Or will it be left to more destruction by storms, salty water, damp air, general neglection…