view from the abbey to ardnagashel

Ardnagashel Eliane ZimmermannRecently we went to see the grave of Audrey Kaulback and enjoyed the lovely views from her resting place (of 19 years) on The Abbey Cemetery in Bantry towards her beloved home in Ardnagashel.

Ardnagashel Eliane Zimmermann

She would be so proud of her more than wonderful Magnolia campbellii var. Mollicomata which opened it’s blooms a few days ago. It is the most beautiful early flowering tree on the estate and is so tall that you can hardly take photographs of the gorgeous butterfly-like pink flowers – just with a very good zoom lens. She probably planted it in her early days in Ardnagashel – when her life was still full of joy. (Magnolia © by Antje Wendel 11/03/2013)


autumn in ardnagashel

grosses haus am meer in irland mietenThe house can relax now, it was a busy season, hundreds of happy guests enjoyed the views, the walks…

grosses haus am meer in irland mieten…and the rocking chair.

rent a big house by the sea in irelandThe autumn sun is still strong and dips the yellowing trees of the arboretum into a golden light.

rent a big house by the sea in irelandMany trees like Luma apiculata – the most abundant inhabitant of Ardnagashel – are evergreen though so Ardnagashel is a place for all seasons – it stays quite green. Preparations for the new season are in progress, there are a few weeks around our walking and aromatherapy training weeks where the house could be available for you.

ardnagashel now and then

eliane zimmermannIn the old days Ardnagashel House was a so called Big House – some generations of the Hutchins’ family had been living there since the early 1800s. In the April 1911 Census it was only newly wed Richard Hutchins (34y) and Isabel Alice Edith (25y) with two servants. Just a few years later he died in WWI (1915) leaving behind Isabel with two daughters an their baby son Richard (who still lives nearby). Ten years before, according to the 1901 Census, the house was full of people: parents Samuel Newburgh (66y) and his wife Marianne Isabella (50y) and (the above newly wed) Richard (24), Alicia Isabella (22y), Emanuel (19y), Thomas Arthur (12y), Ellen Madeline (10y), Marion Geraldine (6y) and four domestic servants (one being a nurse).

eliane zimmermann

This is Ardnagashel House in October 2011 seen through the lens of the professional photographer Clemens Mader.

the secret garden of ardnagashel

eliane zimmermannMost of the Ellen Hutchins Arboretum is overgrown and inaccessible. In some places you can still recognize the ideas of the former owners. Those steps lead into an area with huge rhododendrons – from an area with quite tall tree ferns (Dicksonia antartica).

eliane zimmermannBelow an old beech there are masses of bluebells in every spring.