freak storms and flooding

Eliane Zimmermann Ardnagashel HouseWe had some freak storms so far during this winter…

Ardnagashel_high_tide…some of them brought the waves over the wall in front of Ardnagashel House.

Eliane ZimmermannMany waves were taller than the house.

Ardnagashel_waves_Jan2005And reminded of terrifying waves in January 2005.

6wosind_diestufenThe house will continue to suffer due to the rising sea level in the near future.

5türThe waves broke the door open. Probably not for the last time.

1bar_wozitür_seetangThere was sand, seaweed and grit…

Ardnagashel_entrance_after_storm…all over the first floor.

4woziThe carpets were soaked with sea water and became smelly.

3blaueszimmerEven in the farthest room and bathroom there was a small flooding.

1seatoilet_ArdnagashelThe ancient outdoor toilet lost its wooden fittings.

2bänkeNeedless to say that all of our furniture on the veranda, the flower pots, the heavy palm trees, and the benches were shredded or swimming around the yard.

Ardnagashel_horsefield_after_floodThe waves also flooded good parts of the horse field by the sea.

Eliane Zimmermann Ardnagashel HouseNow the weather is quite mild, the Mountain pepper is almost in flower, two white camellias are in bloom and so is the deep red Rhododendron at the Upper West Walk. Everywhere are fallen branches, there is a lot to tidy up. This is the old Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) which still stands strong. No wonder, it has so many “arms” securing it to the ground.