the kaulbacks

The Hutchins family – owners of Ardnagashel from the early 19th century – sold parts of their estate to Ronald and Audrey Kaulback in 1946. They opened a country house hotel in their own special fashion. It was known all over Ireland, especially for the sophisticated wine cellar. The couple’s biographical data are:

RONALD JOHN HENRY KAULBACK OBE (23 July 1909 in Kingston/Ontario – 2nd October 1995, he was 86 y), more about him here.

AUDREY ELIZABETH HOWARD-SNEYD (25 Januar 1916 in London – 14 August 1994, she was 78 y), more about her here.

Audrey Elisabeth Howard met Ronald in 1934, the year she came out as a debutante. With the Duke of Norfolk as head of the Catholic branch of the Howards, not-too-distant relative, Audrey Elisabeth is listed in ‚Debrett’s Peerage’ guide, a sort of aristocratic ‚Who’s Who’, based on blood lines.

Audrey and Ronald married on the 18th March 1940 (she was 24 y, he was 31 y) – shortly after his returning from the six and more years spent in Tibet; they had four children: two girls which came to Ardnagashel as small children in 1946 and the twins Peter and Brian who were born during their early years in Ardnagashel.

Audrey and Ronald separated two years after his heart attack (1974) in 1976, they divorced in 1984 (she was 68, he was 75 y). Ronald’s second wife was Joyce.

Ardnagashel Eliane Zimmermann


4 thoughts on “the kaulbacks

  1. She was my grandmother …my granny …but an unknown person for my…I.m the eldest grandson …all my life in Spain …but always needing and wanting the presence of my granny ….I found her grave in 2005…I could say her ..hi granny what a wonderfull place are you living…here I am ..REST IN PEACE.

  2. Dear Bryan Kaulback,

    I knew your grandmother during her later years at Glengarriffe and she left a profound and lasting impression on me. A truly modern lady who was so enthusiastic about all that is good and interesting. I cherish the memories I have of her ever-vigourous delightful presence and think of her often. In fact at the time of this message I wondered if there was any trace of her memory on the net. I am delighted to see that someone has made the effort.
    I remember one of her divine dashounds was called Precious.
    May Mrs. Kaulback rest in peace. I think of her often.

  3. I have extremely fond memories of The Ardnagashel Hotel, Ron and Audrey Kaulback and their twin sons, Peter and Bryan. I was about 13 or 14 I suppose when we stayed there in the 60’s for our annual summer holiday, myself, my brother Tim and my parents, Aubrey & Jackie Ridley-Thompson. It was a magical place – the Kaulback’s were fantastic, and I was entranced by the 2 badgers Milligan & Fogerty!! It was here in Ardnagashel that our family met the wonderful american couple, Peter and Wendy Verstappen, who remained firm friends of all of us until first Peter died, about 6 years ago, and then Wendy a couple or so years ago.

    The times my brother and I had playing bar billiards before dinner each evening – we were too young to go into the bar, back in those days it was not allowed to have children in a bar … how ridiculous!! We spent many happy years for the next 3 summer holidays at Ardnagashel, playing in the woods, on the beach, swimming and fishing off the rocks. It was devastated to learn that Ardnagashel had burned down.

    I have such fond memories of the Kaulback’s, with their exciting habit of never wearing shoes! I was very much impressed by Audrey stamping on a wasp and getting stung and just passing it off as if it were nothing, it must have hurt like hell! The food was amazing – I remember the delicious irish soda bread in particular. I fell in love with Ireland during these 3 summers, and had the pleasure of returning to the Bantry area about 15 years ago for a holiday with my husband. We visited the cottages at Ardnagashel, and I was thrilled to see the bay still looked exactly as I remembered it.

  4. I remember visiting Ardnagashel in the mid sixties when I was about 14 or 15…. My parents decided to stop of to see Ron and Audrey as Pa had known Ron out in Burma and Ma had known him for many, many years. My Mother was born Hilda Hodgkinson Butterfield and Ron wrote to her from at least one of his expeditions and brought her back a present of Tibetan Tea Cups! My Mother’s older sister, Mary Gertrude Veronica Anne Butterfield, known as Bronnie, used to stay at Ardnagashel with her son, Anthony, in the late 40s…. Many family memories…

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