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Ardnagashel_Hotel_brochureThe brochure of Ardnagashel House, one of the best (summer-)hotels in Ireland, says:  ‘Newly decorated • H. & C. in all Bedrooms • Excellent Food • Mild Climate • Snorkeling • Fishing • Sailing • Bathing • Golf

Ardnagashel House (photograph here), is situated 7 miles from Bantry (quite a good shopping centre) and 5 miles from Glengarriff, in one of the  mildest and most beautiful parts of Ireland. The house stands 15 yards from the sea, in extensive grounds which include rather more than a mile of private coastline. The mean temperature is Mediterranean, and it makes an excellent touring centre, being within comfortable reach, by car, of Killarney, Valencia, Mizen Head, Gougane Barra and other beauty spots.

The house has been newly decorated; the bedrooms (16) are comfortable with H. & C. laid out in each; and there is an adequate supply of bathrooms, with really hot water. In addition, good food, with butter and cream from Kerry cows, vegetables fresh from our own gardens, and one of the best cellars in the country, all help to make your stay what you would wish.

The inclusive charge is from 10 to 14 guineas a week, for rooms without private bathrooms, between the end of March and the middle of October. There is an additional charge for sailing, to cover the upkeep of the boat. An 18- foot centre-board dinghy is kept ready for any guests who may wish to use it. There are other boats for rowing and with outboard motors.’

Ashley Courtenay’s ”Let’s Halt Awhile”, 32nd edition from 1965 says:

Eliane Zimmermann Ardnagashel House

Enjoyable hours around the bar with Col. Ronald Kaulback himself serving the drinks…

Ardnagashel House

…and sunny laziness with perfect views over the bay in front of the house…

Ardnagashel House…those were the perfect holidays [Ronald Kaulback third from left and Audrey Kaulback third from right behind the chairs].

Ardnagashel HouseThe best place for those who were looking for a natural and peaceful environment © of the brochure and hotel photographs: Robin and Sonia (née Kaulback) Waddell, meet her on his website Orna Verum.

John McKenna remembers some of Audrey’s delicious dishes:

Ardnagashel House


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